FFG Sustainment: From Availability Comes Knowledge; from Knowledge Comes Lethality

Date: Tuesday 3 October

Time: 1400 - 1500

Registration: This event is open to all PACIFIC 2017 trade visitors, exhibitors and conference delegates however, pre-registration is required.

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Hosted by: Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG)

Location: Level 3 Exhibition, ICC Sydney

Managing a combat capability from an Asset Management perspective can be a difficult and complex endeavour. To deliver the maximum effect requires a large amount of training and experience operating a ship at sea to understand its full capabilities. The underlying fundamental requirement for a sustainment organisation then is to provide maximum availability and high levels of reliability of the system. It is only once this is achieved that full capability and lethality can be sought. The FFG is a case study in the value of delivering available and reliable platforms which has led to the delivery of the most capable frigate in service, a claim that was not considered achievable only 3 years earlier.

The FFG Enterprise embarked on a journey to focus on the outcomes to the customer, remove all barriers to success and do business differently. Through a focused change in management principles and cultural reform, the operational effect of the platforms has increased substantially and is in large part due to the efforts of Industry and CASG to deliver increased confidence in the platform, enabling operators to focus on improving their knowledge of the system and unlock its full capability.

The presentation will focus on the changes in the Support and Sustainment organisations utilising both contracting and relational levers to drive change, the results delivered from this and the subsequent acceleration in performance of the FFG capability.

For further information:
CAPT Brad Smith
Director, FFGSPO
Tel: (02) 9359 6285