T.W. Barrett - Chief of Navy

Welcome to the 10th Royal Australian Navy Sea Power Conference, held as part of the biennial Pacific Maritime Congress and Exposition.

Pacific 2017 involves three interrelated events:

  • the Sea Power Conference 2017, hosted by the RAN and organised by the Sea Power Centre - Australia
  • the International Maritime Conference 2017, hosted by The Royal Institute of Naval Architects, the Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology, and Engineers Australia
  • the Pacific International Maritime Exposition 2017, conducted by Industry Defence and Security Australia Limited.

Collectively the conferences and exposition offer a broad program for those with a professional interest in naval and maritime affairs. The 2017 Sea Power Conference will explore the broad theme of The Navy and the Nation, focusing on maritime identity, the significance of maritime economics and use of the oceans; and the critical importance of defence industry to developing and maintaining naval capability. Navies do not exist for their own sake, nor do they exist in isolation. While navies are an expression of government resolve in managing and protecting the oceans, they are also a national enterprise drawing heavily upon civil infrastructure and society. It is this aspect that is oft neglected in discussions about defence in general and navies in particular. My intent with the 2017 Sea Power Conference is to consider these issues in greater detail to inform future thinking and planning as various policies come to fruition.

We have designed the conference program to permit delegates to visit the many industry displays in the exposition, serving to highlight the depth of this national enterprise, and to have useful professional discussions with exhibitors and fellow delegates.

Vice Admiral, RAN
Chief of Navy

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